This is where visioneers create a better world

A collection of close-knit teams that challenge, encourage and inspire each other.

Curious experts who never give up and make their mark on tomorrow's world.

We see challenges and opportunities everywhere. 
We take risks.

Because we are on a mission.

Because we see things differently.

Because we are visioneers.

Are you a visioneer? 

The vision starts with yourself 

Tick off this list to see to what extent you are (already) a visioneer!


  • I highly value sustainability. 
  • My work has to have a social impact. I want to do my bit to accelerate the sustainable transition.

Fair cooperation

  • I believe that by working together, better results can be achieved. 
  • People with different backgrounds, skills and knowledge can only strengthen each other and learn from each other.


  • I am furiously curious. My brain never stops: aren't there easier ways to do this? Is today's solution really the best possible solution? 
  • I look at today's world with a critical eye and for me, the sky is not the limit. I want to go further and create a real impact for a better world. I play in the Champions League of Sustainability.


  • I am not afraid to think out-of-the -box and like to share my knowledge with others. 
  • I question existing patterns of thinking and try to leave them behind. I want to be a pioneer.

Customer focus

  • I am good at putting myself in someone else's shoes. That's what you have to do to find the best possible solution. 
  • I always strive for a win-win situation for all parties involved in a project.

Making the world a better place for our next generation ...

... and for yourself

Diversity and inclusion

We are not only open to the idea of diversity. We believe it is essential to move forward and innovate globally. We strive to make our company a reflection of our society - and even better.

Read our charters on diversity and inclusion

Sustainability at VITO

Leading by example - that's the goal. With the OnePlanet@VITO project, we promise to do our part to help the planet. We have signed the Green Deal, are greening our vehicle fleet, encourage the use of public transportation, are building a climate-positive campus, ... we try our best.

Have a look at our sustainability efforts with OnePlanet@VITO

Well-being for all our visioneers 

We believe in the right to disconnect and offer a generous number of vacation days. Activity-based work for maximum work-life balance is integral to how we operate. Come and discover what our Fit@VITO program means for a healthy mind and a strong body. Moreover, VITO is the proud holder of the HR Excellence in Research label.

Read more about our HR strategy for researchers