Travelling to Belgium to work at VITO

Join our (international) crew

Welcome to VITO – a visionary research organisation with big ambitions in a small country. We welcome you with open arms in our diverse team to join more than 200 international colleagues from around the world. Will you travel here to become a visioneer?

Here’s what you should know.

VITO - people - international
VITO - people - team, international, diversity

Our visioneers come from all over the world

Did you know … 
we have #Visioneers from more than 60 nationalities at VITO? 

Just like Negar

Negar - PhD Onderzoeker, Iran

Hi, I’m a PhD researcher at VITO. 
I moved from Italy to Belgium
and was born in Iran.

Want to connect before joining us visioneers? 
Add me on LinkedIn and ask me any question you like! 

In need of support? We’re here for you.

Moving somewhere and not knowing the language, culture and habits  – can be a bit much. That’s why we stand by your side and help you as much as we can, so you can ease into your new job. Here’s how.

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Your trip to Belgium

Book and plan your trip in line with your own flexibility. VITO supports you in your personal and relocation costs if you’re travelling from overseas. This can include visa applications, cost of shipping goods and travel expenses.


If needed, VITO connects you to an expert in the housing market who offers suggestions tailored to your specific needs and expectations. When available, we can also offer you accommodation, like a stay at one of our 3-bedroom cohousing apartments in residence “Boeretang”. Only a short distance from the VITO site in Mol!


Red tape can be a challenging part of moving abroad. As a non-EU citizen, VITO provides a clear list of documents to gather for the (single) permit application and, after receiving your documents, will apply for the permit with the relevant authorities. You’ll be supported by our HR Expert International Support during this process.

Public transport

Whether you choose to live near our campus or you move to a city, there’s always a bus, tram or train that gets you to where you need to be. For your daily commute between home and work, we fully cover the cost of your subscription! 

Language and culture classes

Hallo, gutentag, bonjour! Belgium has no less than 3(!) official languages: Dutch, German and French. VITO is located in the Dutch-speaking part of the country where most colleagues speak English. Following the Dutch courses we offer, can help you get comfortable in your daily life. We also offer a ‘Living in Belgium’ training where you and your partner can learn about the culture, norms and social dilemmas as a foreigner in Belgium. 

Our HR experts International Support


We're happy to help you!