Business Development & Sales

With exceptional commercial skills and an affinity for technology, science and policy advice, you can help us realise our vision. Develop new business opportunities, gain market insights and listen to industry needs. Or better yet – discover what the industry needs and find new ways to fill that gap.

VITO - society - woman business development & sales

We share the same vision when

  • you’re able to find a win-win in every situation, 
  • you see life through a solution-coloured lens, 
  • you are eager to steer even more businesses and governments in the right, sustainable direction.

Become a matchmaker between 

  • different VITO visioneers and their extensive, unique know-how, 
  • business and organisations that are looking for unique ways to improve their sustainability efforts, 
  • the world and what it really needs at the moment.
Philip - Business Developer

We aim to get more and more practical with the delivery of our projects. We don’t just build knowledge, to have it jotted down somewhere. Here, you’re constantly looking for the missing link between the needs of the market – and what it doesn’t even know it needs.

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What can you expect 
when working at VITO?

  • Activity-based working
  • Grow as you go
  • An inspiring environment
  • Activity-based working
    From our HQ in Mol to our satellite offices in Antwerp-Berchem, Genk, Ghent or Ostend to occasionally working from the comfort of your own home. You go where your activities take you. 
  • Grow as you go
    You can develop more than just our business. With innovation as our core asset, it goes without saying that personal growth is encouraged. Staying in the loop is part of your job. We give you the trust and freedom to explore independently. To find inspiration across newsletters and seminars. To keep up to date in your field of expertise with additional on-the-job training and workshops and watch yourself and the world transform into something greater. 
  • An inspiring environment
    Surround yourself with like-minded visioneers. Find sustainable solutions. Immerse yourself in a learning culture. Get to know people from around the world with their own expertise, working together.